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Chris Coogan | Chop, Dice, Mince, Kick-Flip | Balancing Skate Life & Chef Life

March 27, 2017 Interview By: Leland Ware  Photography: Zack Dowdy & Ian Stribling

Chris Coogan is a person with dual passion. His love for both skateboarding and cooking growing up took him from Pensacola, Florida to San Diego, California when he was just 20 years old. After spending the better part of his first year on an extended vacation in San Diego, Chris headed back into the kitchen to chase his other passion. Now he divides his times between the breakfast and fine dining shifts and capturing tricks on video on his skateboard in the streets. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. For Chris, there are parallels in his two pursuits and they definitely feed off of each other and provide balance in his life. And the lessons that he learns in the kitchen are ones that he can apply to his life on his skateboard and share with that community as well.  Continue reading

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Paul Desrochers | Family Ties, Instagram Fame & Cooking in Boston

January 18, 2016 | Interview by: truecooks photos courtesy: pauliecooks

Paul Desrochers is currently working as a cook in Boston, Massachusetts and is a founding member of the  truecooks team. He is best known by his (wildly popular) Instagram alter ego pauliecooks . Paulie’s unique approach to plating is supported by solid cooking technique amassed from years of toiling in the Boston restaurant scene. Trashlord is a name he did not pretentiously crown himself with but rather one he earned. He was the bottom man in the kitchen & tasked with cooking for the staff. He routinely dazzled them with killer family meals lovingly created with whatever iffy scraps the line cooks would give him. Taking care of family is something Paulie is very passionate about. It’s evident in the loyalty he shows to those around him. His desire to go above and beyond for those he cares about is reflected in everything he cooks. The following conversation  took place last weekend over three phone calls, after dinner service Boston time, and six cans of beer…

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Street Team All Stars of the Year | 2015

January 15, 2016   By: TrueCooks

One year ago we started a weekly program to recognize our loyal fans through the  TrueCooks Street Team page on Instagram. Each week TCHQ selected a candidate that we felt was representing the brand and exemplifying our core values of humility, dedication and sacrifice while really having fun doing it! Each weekly winner was awarded exclusive gold (plated) dog tags and entry into the  ‘All Star of the Year’ Contest. Its been a long and winding road but the polls are closed and the votes are finally counted.

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ORENYC SPEAKS: Hurricane Sandy & Manifesting Success As A Cook in New York City

January 5, 2016      Interview by: truecooks photos by: orenyc

“Oriana Rivadeneira  is the executive chef of swine ; a neighborhood spot serving artisanal charcuterie, progressive comfort food and small production wine in the heart of New York City’s  Greenwich Village. ‘Ore’ (pronounced OR-EE ) was one of the first chefs involved in TrueCooks. After discovering her on Instagram I was immediately struck by her  sophisticated food, dope style, and of course her look. Since reaching out to her in mid 2013 I’ve seen her grow as a chef & a business women and she has become one of my closest friends. Although most of our conversations revolve around bulldogs, 90’s rap, food & fashion we occasionally stumble on to more serious topics, please enjoy this conversation, this was certainly one of “those” times.

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TrueCooks Street Team All Star of the Year 2015

ALLSTAROFTHEYEARWe are so hyped to announce the “Street Team All Star of the Year 2015″ Award! In conjunction with our Instagram @truecooksstreetteam page ONE lucky winner from the 52 weekly winners in 2015 will receive a series of very, very special prizes. Our team here will select the winner they feel best represents  the TrueCooks brand. The winner will be flown round trip to New York City where they will be wined & dined by our owner & founder along with select TC team members at some of our favorite NYC spots. The winner will stay overnight at a boutique Midtown Manhattan hotel and best of all they will receive the ultimate TrueCooks swag bag, one of every single thing we make! So head over to Instagram, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself in Truecooks gear & hashtag #truecooks to enter to win!

terms: One winner will be selected from weekly winners of the ‘TrueCooks Street Team All Star” program in the continental United States & Canada only / winner will be announced 2/10/16 / trip will be scheduled based off mutual availability / TrueCooks assumes no liability and/or responsibility for winner outside of round-trip airfare, one nights lodging & product giveaway / restrictions & blackout dates may apply