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Fall 2016 Collection | Look Book

September 5th, 2016 By: TrueCooks

In the three years TC has been in business we’ve learned a lot; As much as things change they also stay the same. The mise en place constantly changes, evolves, and improves but the struggle remains the same. Continue reading


Doug Rodrigues | Sacrifices Made, Fake Drama & Fine Dining in Boston

June 14th, 2016 Interview By: TrueCooks Photography By: SDJ

Doug Rodrigues came up in cooking the hard way. He worked his way up under tough chefs that taught him the skills and discipline needed to succeed. Rodrigues started working in restaurants at 14 in order to pay for his skateboards. Continue reading

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Summer 2016 Collection | Look Book

May 17th, 2016 By: TrueCooks

Summer means long days and even longer shifts for most of us. Keeping it fun with your  crew is crucial to successfully navigating a hot, busy, service. It’s that sense of fun & unity that was our inspiration behind this limited collection. We hope you have as much fun rocking this stuff as we did designing it!  Continue reading



Dan Mackenzie | Hard Times and Fine Dining in New York City

March 14, 2016 Interview By: Leland Ware Photography: SDJ

Dan Mackenzie grew up on Long Island. Exposed to the kitchen at an early age he fell into the trade as a result of not having a direction in life. Since entering the kitchen he not only developed a passion for food and cooking but also learned the intestinal fortitude that’s needed to succeed in it. Continue reading

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Spring 2016 Collection | Look Book

March 7, 2016 by: TrueCooks

Spring is a season for new dishes, fresh ideas & change. Our Spring Collection reflects all of that and, most importantly, restraint – A fundamental quality to successful cooking and style. With the promise of new crops, longer days and warmer weather its a great time of year to be a cook. Spring has sprung and we’re super hyped to share  this collection with you… Continue reading

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Paul Desrochers | Family Ties, Instagram Fame & Cooking in Boston

January 18, 2016 | Interview by: truecooks photos courtesy: pauliecooks

Paul Desrochers is currently working as a cook in Boston, Massachusetts and is a founding member of the  truecooks team. He is best known by his (wildly popular) Instagram alter ego pauliecooks . Paulie’s unique approach to plating is supported by solid cooking technique amassed from years of toiling in the Boston restaurant scene. Trashlord is a name he did not pretentiously crown himself with but rather one he earned. He was the bottom man in the kitchen & tasked with cooking for the staff. He routinely dazzled them with killer family meals lovingly created with whatever iffy scraps the line cooks would give him. Taking care of family is something Paulie is very passionate about. It’s evident in the loyalty he shows to those around him. His desire to go above and beyond for those he cares about is reflected in everything he cooks. The following conversation  took place last weekend over three phone calls, after dinner service Boston time, and six cans of beer…

Continue reading