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Chris Coogan | Chop, Dice, Mince, Kick-Flip | Balancing Skate Life & Chef Life

March 27, 2017 Interview By: Leland Ware  Photography: Zack Dowdy & Ian Stribling

Chris Coogan is a person with dual passion. His love for both skateboarding and cooking growing up took him from Pensacola, Florida to San Diego, California when he was just 20 years old. After spending the better part of his first year on an extended vacation in San Diego, Chris headed back into the kitchen to chase his other passion. Now he divides his times between the breakfast and fine dining shifts and capturing tricks on video on his skateboard in the streets. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. For Chris, there are parallels in his two pursuits and they definitely feed off of each other and provide balance in his life. And the lessons that he learns in the kitchen are ones that he can apply to his life on his skateboard and share with that community as well.  Continue reading

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Fall 2016 Collection | Look Book

September 5th, 2016 By: TrueCooks

In the three years TC has been in business we’ve learned a lot; As much as things change they also stay the same. The mise en place constantly changes, evolves, and improves but the struggle remains the same. Continue reading

2016 blog final

Late Summer Collection | Look Book

August 1, 2016 By: TrueCooks

Pushing for better results is part of our game. It’s easy to get caught up on the next trend, who’s doing what or where and loose touch with yourself and your journey. The dope thing about cooking is how personal it can be and Continue reading



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Black & White Capsule Collection | Look Book

March 12, 2016 by: TrueCooks

Challenging yourself to do better everyday is necessary in becoming a Chef. Long hours alone just wont do it. One needs to find focus and constantly improve their skills and refine their technique. We apply the same approach to our apparel. In our new ‘Black & White’ collection Continue reading

Street Team All Stars of the Year | 2015

January 15, 2016   By: TrueCooks

One year ago we started a weekly program to recognize our loyal fans through the  TrueCooks Street Team page on Instagram. Each week TCHQ selected a candidate that we felt was representing the brand and exemplifying our core values of humility, dedication and sacrifice while really having fun doing it! Each weekly winner was awarded exclusive gold (plated) dog tags and entry into the  ‘All Star of the Year’ Contest. Its been a long and winding road but the polls are closed and the votes are finally counted.

Continue reading

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Winter 2016 Collection | Look Book

January 8th, 2016 by: truecooks

This years already off and running with a bang! All of us at TCHQ are hyped to share some information on our new gear and introduce you to each piece. As with most of our apparel the Winter 2016 collection is a limited run. When a piece is sold out we remove it from our inventory. What we do is a labor of love and we love what we do.

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