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October 18 Inch Heavy Wood Spoon THUMBNAIL IMAGE

TrueCooks fall drop 1.0 | 2017

October 1st, 2017 | By: TrueCooks

You’d think making something as ancient as a wooden spoon would be simple. We sure did. All I wanted to do was make a quality wood spoon for cooking. Something heavy with some weight to it with a nice diameter handle and a tapered end to assist in plating whatever you’re stirring. As it turns out we spent over a year testing sample after sample, dutifully rejecting each one along the way for a host of reasons. What we ended up with is our Heavy Duty 18″ Wood Spoon. Carved from hard teak it weighs-in at a little under a 1/2 pound. It’s wide diameter handle makes for comfortable long-time risotto stirring and added control for de-glazing the best bits… Continue reading



 Fear & Loathing in Miami

By: TrueCooks Photos: SDJ / Truecooks

There’s a meme that’s been floating around Instagram for the last few years. I have no idea who originally made it.  I also do not know what the actual image is taken from but it appears to be shot in the late hours of a revolution. Cars are turned over, trash cans rolling on sidewalks, shirtless dudes celebrating, faces covered with bandannas, hands in the air, street fires, total chaos. The meme reads “If every Chef had the same day off.”  Continue reading


Toronto vs the World: The Chef’s Cartel Season Finale

May 20th, 2017 | By: TrueCooks

Cooking competitions can be a terrifying proposition. International travel to judge a cooking competition even more so. So, four months ago when Nikko Jacino reached out to us I wasn’t doing back flips at the thought of bringing TrueCooks to Toronto. I’ve always felt cooking competitions play to the home cooks sensibilities & never represent what it’s truly like to work in a commercial kitchen. Cooking is a team sport and if you are working in a professional setting, you are only as good as the team you are working with. Who’s the best here? “Who cares, let’s just cook and get on with it” has always been my opinion.  Well, as it turns out what Nikko & his team at Continue reading


Chris Coogan | Chop, Dice, Mince, Kick-Flip | Balancing Skate Life & Chef Life

March 27, 2017 Interview By: Leland Ware  Photography: Zack Dowdy & Ian Stribling

Chris Coogan is a person with dual passion. His love for both skateboarding and cooking growing up took him from Pensacola, Florida to San Diego, California when he was just 20 years old. After spending the better part of his first year on an extended vacation in San Diego, Chris headed back into the kitchen to chase his other passion. Now he divides his times between the breakfast and fine dining shifts and capturing tricks on video on his skateboard in the streets. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. For Chris, there are parallels in his two pursuits and they definitely feed off of each other and provide balance in his life. And the lessons that he learns in the kitchen are ones that he can apply to his life on his skateboard and share with that community as well.  Continue reading


Chef’s Roll Center Stage: A Once in a Lifetime Apprenticeship Opportunity | The Final Four

November 9th, 2016 By: TrueCooks

Over the last several months Chef’s Roll has been hosting a series of cooking competitions that culminated last Monday in Los Angeles, California. The four finalists, Brandon Duley, Fatima Ali, Joseph Bott and Logan Kendall were flown to Los Angeles for the final test at the premier chef placement agency, Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions Hospitality Recruitment‘s state of the art test kitchen. Continue reading



Marcel Vigneron | The Wolf Pack | Plant Based Cuisine & Top Chef Drama Queens

September 19, 2016 Interview By: TrueCooks  Photography: SDJ

Marcel Vigneron is from a small island off the coast of Washington. He was inspired to cook by watching his mother and started working in restaurants while still in high school. It wasn’t until a post high school trip to Europe that he developed a true appreciation for the culinary arts. Upon returning, he enrolled in the CIA in New York and began what would eventually be five years of schooling.  Out of school and working at Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas Continue reading

2016 blog fall thumb

Fall 2016 Collection | Look Book

September 5th, 2016 By: TrueCooks

In the three years TC has been in business we’ve learned a lot; As much as things change they also stay the same. The mise en place constantly changes, evolves, and improves but the struggle remains the same. Continue reading


Chef Dakota Weiss | Rolling Stones, Sacrifice & Success on the Sunset Strip

August 29th, 2016 Interview By: TrueCooks Photography By: SDJ

Dakota Weiss embodies everything that True Cooks stands for. After discovering her passion for cooking while in college and subsequently attending culinary school she began a journey that took her all over the country. She’s worked in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles—which she currently calls home. Much of Dakota’s professional career Continue reading

2016 blog final

Late Summer Collection | Look Book

August 1, 2016 By: TrueCooks

Pushing for better results is part of our game. It’s easy to get caught up on the next trend, who’s doing what or where and loose touch with yourself and your journey. The dope thing about cooking is how personal it can be and Continue reading